The Good, Bad, and the Strange

This week, between a barrage of political science articles for my classes and college job board hunting, I found myself sifting through hundreds of pins on my account, Here, speculating the next big food topic. I thought to myself, what do college students and foodies have in common? Experimentation. I know, I know.


Amsterdam Waffles. Because who doesn’t love waffles, right? Fluffy bread smothered in butter and maple syrup; doused with strawberry or blueberry compote and whipped cream. Sounds like a decadent treat best enjoyed in a large T-shirt in bed at 11 am. Upgraded with strawberry icing and sprinkles, and you’re on a whole new level. For sure, these doughnut impersonators show creativity.


Apple Pie Nachos. It may not seem very classy to switch out meat sauce and guacamole for stewed apples and caramel sauce, but this dish definitely steps outside of the box, into the car and onto the road to somewhere awesome. Add ice cream and chopped nuts with gusto.

Balsamic Blueberry Grilled Cheese. How does this happen? You’re tired from work and too lazy to go to the store, so scoping out the fridge one day, you say to yourself, “Jam and toast with cheese. Why not?” Arugula or spinach and rich, decadent Balsamic vinegar makes this recipe staunchly grown up.


Milk and Cereal Breakfast Pops. Frankly, this is perhaps the weirdest thing I have come across yet on my wanderings through the Land of Pinterest. I am ambivalent about this recipe. On the one hand, the idea of freezing my morning Cheerios and milk seems daunting and more in the realm of fried Twinkies and spaghetti pizza. That is, just kind of wrong. On the other hand, convenience for busy students on the go is invaluable.

Maple Bacon Bourbon Popcorn. Come on, you know you want to. For a movie night at home, pop open a beer and pillage a big bowl of this gourmet popcorn. Cassie Laemmli also makes a recipe for Maple-Rosemary Popcorn that looks amazing, but would be better with bacon.

I had a great time writing this post. Check out my Pinterest, to find more of my weird food finds and inspirations. Next time, I will document a day of meals in the life of a college student with a penchant for good eats!

Cristina, xx


4 thoughts on “The Good, Bad, and the Strange

  1. Hi! Have you tried any of these yourself?? If you have which one did you like the best? I’m very interested to see what the maple bacon bourbon popcorn would taste like, would be an awesome snack food for studying!


  2. Omg I am literally sitting here drooling!!! I love everything about apple pie but its so much work to bake!! The apple pie nachos sound so amazing and easy to whip up! You should totally make all these then tell us all about it and if u would recommend it!!


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