Foodie Dreams: I Dream of Honey

Hi there and welcome to FoodieJournalism! My name is Cristina, and I am an amateur home cook, food-lover and student looking to expand my knowledge and document my experiments and inspirations about food. If you talk to anyone who has known me even fleetingly, they are sure to tell you that I am a dreamer, more likely to have my head in a book of fairy tales and romance than in Turbo Tax or sorting through e-bill statements. Food is a muse. It’s fun to adapt someone else’s recipes and like Romantic poet John Keats wrote “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” for Fanny Brawne, to pay homage to the ingredients and skill of someone else’s well-made creations. On this blog, I hope to share my food inspirations from books, the internet and day-to-day life while expanding my knowledge and hopefully yours.

Have you ever wondered how cooks, or as I like to call them, food scientists, can take one ingredient and make it extraordinary? Take honey for instance, ship in a honey comb from Amazon, and you’ve got a beautiful antipasto platter with honeycomb dripping over sharp cheese, fruit slices and figs. I could eat this for breakfast alone on the couch, with a book and some milky tea. It may sound expensive, it may sound gourmet, but by letting one ingredient shine alongside simple ingredients, you can make a simple spread glamorous.

Honey can shine almost anywhere. For a smoothie bowl, it’s as easy as throwing your smoothie into a bowl and crowning it with summer berries, nuts, a scoop from your instant oatmeal jar and a sprinkling of bee pollen, which you can get from a local health food or specialty store. Instead of your morning latte and muffin, with $10 and a handful of ingredients from your fridge, you just made breakfast legendary!

Honey butter and cinnamon honey butter, as simple as folding honey into room temperature butter and refrigerating for a couple of hours. Toast anyone?

I hope you enjoyed this little ode to honey. It is a taste of some of my ideas, which I hope to share with you soon.

I am a junior at Texas State University studying Journalism and minoring in International Studies. I recently got back from San Francisco, where I avoided grueling Texas summer for a weekend, holed up in bookstores and biking through Golden Gate Park. Here’s Golden Gate Bridge:

beautiful Sausalito from the ferry!
                                                          Sausalito from the ferry!

                                Feel free to leave questions and comments.                                                                            More soon!  xx, Cristina